Monday, December 12, 2011

New Year's Eve Tops Box Office!

New Year's Eve Tops Box Office!
New Year's Eve dropped the ball this weekend with a disappointing $13.7 million opening. Things were comparatively better for The Sitter, though Jonah Hill didn't impress in his solo debut. Adding these two movies to an already weak field turned out to be box office poison*the Top 12 wound up with an estimated $69.7 million, which is the second-worst gross of the year so far. There is also a very good chance that once all movies report tomorrow, overall box office will wind up at its lowest point since 2008. New Year's Eve's estimated $13.7 million was off 75 percent from Valentine's Day's $56.3 million debut last February. A drop was to be expected, given the different time of year and the distance from the titular holiday, though the opening is still far lower than even the most modest expectations.
Issue Date : 12 December 2011
Rank     Title     Weekend     Gross     Weeks
1         New Year's Eve (2011)     $13.7M     $13.7M     1
2         The Sitter (2011)     $10M     $10M     1
3         The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1 (2011)     $7.9M     $259M     4
4         The Muppets (2011)     $7.1M     $65.8M     3
5         Arthur Christmas (2011)     $6.6M     $33.5M     3
6         Hugo (2011)     $6.12M     $33.5M     3
7         The Descendants (2011)     $4.38M     $23.6M     4
8         Happy Feet Two (2011)     $3.75M     $56.9M     4
9         Jack and Jill (2011)     $3.2M     $68.6M     5
10         Immortals (2011)     $2.44M     $79.8M     5

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