Monday, October 10, 2011

Real Steel Tops Box Office!

Real Steel Tops Box Office!
Real Steel and Johnny English Reborn looks like it's going the full twelve rounds, though for the time being Real Steel has the slight edge. Rise of the Planet of the Apes leaped back up the chart thanks to a strong start in Japan, while The Smurfs finally relinquished its grasp on the top spot. Coinciding with its domestic debut, Real Steel opened to an estimated $22.1 million in 19 foreign markets this weekend. The Hugh Jackman robot boxing movie launched in first place in Russia ($6.9 million), Australia ($5.4 million) and Mexico ($2.9 million). Distributor Walt Disney Pictures noted that all three of these openings were up from Tron Legacy (which wound up with $228 million overseas), though Tron's Holiday opening skews that comparison a bit. Real Steel is now out in roughly 25 percent of the international marketplace, and it expands in to the United Kingdom, South Korea and a handful of other territories next weekend.
Issue Date : 10 October 2011
Rank     Title     Weekend     Gross     Weeks
1         Real Steel (2011)     $27.3M     $27.3M     1
2         The Ides of March (2011)     $10.4M     $10.4M     1
3         Dolphin Tale (2011)     $9.16M     $49.1M     3
4         Moneyball (2011)     $7.5M     $49.3M     3
5         50/50 (2011)     $5.5M     $17.3M     2
6         Courageous (2011)     $4.6M     $15.9M     2
7         The Lion King (1994)     $4.55M     $86M     4
8         Dream House (2011)     $4.46M     $14.5M     2
9         What's Your Number? (2011)     $3.05M     $10.3M     2
10         Abduction (2011)     $2.9M     $23.4M     3

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