Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Royal Wedding & Bin Laden

Royal Wedding

Two happening events held recently, the first was Royal Wedding and the second was The Dead of Osama Bin Laden, was it happy or sad? we knew it for our best, the major worldwide celebration between Prince & Princess that was got married in Britain Kingdom and it's very greatest than ever.And yesterday Bin Laden was died after US army invasion and it's proved to DNA test. Was the terrorist gone? we don't know until the terror network were caught up one by one. Both of phenomenon already hits Trending Topic Worldwide (TT WW) on Twitter.
Osama Bin Laden
Check Out The Fun or Die Top Tweet of this Shocking Moments :

- Doctor Swagger
I have lived through the death of Michael Jackson, first black president, Royal Wedding & now Osama's death. My life's a history book.

- Katy Perry
In honor of the Royal Wedding, I present you... My royal NAILS! CONGRATS!
- Thailand News
Yahoo! says that online interest in royal wedding led to record high traffic at its websites: Yahoo! says that o...
- The Dark Lord
The awkward thing about is that nobody is telling you that Dora The Explorer was the one who finally found him...
- HaHaWhitePPL
I nicknamed my girls G-spot . It took me almost ten years to find but when I did...
- Maria Popova
Exactly 66 years before the Osama bin Ladden announcement, Germany announced Hitler was dead

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